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Where Mastering Your Mind Begins The Revolution.

Mi Journey

Mi Journey

My Confession

Posted on June 3, 2018 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (16)

it has taken me over a year just to get this part of my vision completed... seems so simple right? "Just do it", those are the imfamous words, right? In an all too complicated world for people labeled "bipolar type 2" which ever varying degree; for me it is rapid cycling mixed with MDD and general anxiety... its not so simple... it isn't just do it. Often times we are stuck in one spot with a million different thoughts running through our head... like a war, going back and forth between belief in self and total self denial.I know that if you are here reading this its really because you're looking for solutions... You are tired of the medication making you unable to function... You are always in what feels like zombie mode. or You feel and cannot FEEL! we are so used to feeling and living and making decisions based on emotions that it seems unnatural to not be able to! Well i am here to provide solutions. I can give you my story and as we go along this journey, every day i will be shedding, forgiving, letting go of the bones that I have been carrying on my back since before birth... those exciting stories will be saved for my book, but you will still get to see me transform. To see yourself transform. The one thing i love about myself, is that I love to see other people win, I love to know how they can succeed and encourage them to do that. So lets do this. No label will define you. We will learn together if we have to! There is no other option but to conquer our minds. 

Thats the real revolution... and the Revolutionary behind my Mi!

My confession is two fold... you see, I have conquered this "demon" before, with no medication... so I have the keys to success... but what I realized is, its a never ending battle... just like with the medication... it can never be stopped... you will never be able to be laxed on yourself... every second will be hard work. So while I have the solution... i am full circle with the problem again... i am up right now and I should be preparing for tomorrow... for tomorrow is the start of a renewal... 34 days of mind body and soul renewing. These meal plans, exercise regimens, and recipes will all be avaiable for purchase and/or donation as well as subscription boxes (which I highly recommend)

I plan to track my progress


how do I feel

tracking and getting observatiions from outside parties

How much exercise I had to put into the day:

one point i would walk 10 miles in one day!

Controling my thoughts and affirmations:

Only positive thinking and affirming; working on self esteem

Body transformation:

Get rid of body fat, specifically stomach 



Spiritual Exercises






You know this site isnt just one thing, I am not just geared towards the mentally "challenged", I know it well, but this information is of value to anyone looking to believe in the impossible for their life. If you want to chase your dream, this revoluion is for you... if you want to know how to control your thoughts, this revolution was made for you. There is not one thing we cannot dream up that will be, good or bad. Now you can wait and see after 34 days how things are with me and see if this plan works for you, it will be avaiable to you infinitely.

I plan to have "testimonials" if you will of people dealing with me the last 3 years compared to 34 days from now....

Now that I am making this public, its pretty much as if you all are my own accountability partners!!

lets get it!