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Where Mastering Your Mind Begins The Revolution.


Often times I tell myself, "I am only as strong as my weakest thought!" Having to shake myself out of these miserable states I constantly would find myself in. Negative thought patterns that turned into negative actions on my end and from others and so it was just this constant recycling of low vibrations...

So, I had to take some steps back. Be Revolutionary Minded. Be courageous enough to stand up; for myself, for those who battle these same inner demons and they think there isn't a way out. ...For so many years I too felt that way... I knew deep within my soul that just could not be, but I really could not see any other options but for what appeared to be true to be that... but thats the biggest lie ever created to man... if there is a condition within you, YOU DO HAVE THE HEALING POWER TO WIN! No mental illness, no physical illness, no asshole at work, or crappy parent can stand in your way. IT IS YOU AND THE CREATOR!!! ONE IN THE SAME!!

My desire is that you find peace within these walls. You find solace... You find answers. You find motivation. You find strength. WITHIN! You are peace. You are solace. You are strength and motivation. You are the answer you have been longing to find. I am only here to share with you what I have found in a way you can receive it.

I am so excited and happy to be here with you on this journey while you join me on my own....

P.S Let me know you stopped by!